Network Analysis



How doing an empirical network analysis of your organization can help perform management tasks.

  • Selecting a team leader
    Identify the central players in the trust network

  • Selecting a set of influentials
    Identify an efficient set of key players to seed with a new idea, as in a change initiative

  • Initiating a partnership or alliance
    Network analysis of a field can show points of contact with scientists from another firm

  • Identifying and developing future leaders

  • Finding holes in the organizational network
    How well is the organization's strategy being implemented organizationally?

  • Keeping post-merger integration on track
    Track the organizational network periodically to see which parts are integrating and which are dragging.

  • Influencing a decision

  • Enhancing innovation

  • Controlling the evolution of silos

  • Initiating change / diffusing a new practice

  • Diagnosing knowledge flow problems

  • Increasing ties

  • Breaking down factions






2005 Steve Borgatti

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